Obama Takes on "New Phase of Terrorism"

President Obama once again addressed national security Thursday, following a meeting with his national security team at the National Counterterrorism Center in Virginia. The president said that while there is not presently any credible threat against the homeland, Americans must be vigilant.

Obama also spoke of a "new phase of terrorism," in which plots are more often difficult to detect.

After meeting with the directors of the FBI and CIA and the Secretary of Homeland Security, the president laid out steps recently taken to both protect the homeland and take on ISIS, much as he had in his address at the Pentagon last week. He was also quick to praise his team for their work in taking on terrorist threats, and continued to tout the successes of the mission against ISIS.

"Since 9/11 we've taken extraordinary steps to strengthen our homeland security- our borders, our ports, our airports, our aviation security. And we've gotten much better, thanks to people in this room."