Obese, stray dog rescued by kindhearted animal workers

A stray dog from Brazil is finally healthy again thanks to the kindness of animal protection workers.

Bolinha is from the western Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. He was abandoned at a gas station 12 years ago and has survived mostly on scraps and handouts from travelers and locals.

Unfortunately, this caused the poor pup's weight to skyrocket to 80 pounds. The ideal size for a dog Bolinha is around 22 pounds.

Unfortunately, his size made him somewhat of an attraction for some people.

But good news: an animal rescue official heard about Bolinha's story and came to help. Upon arrival, the worker found that Bolinha was having trouble breathing and moving around.

So worked with the Animal Protection Organization (OPA-MT) rescued Bolinha, taking him in and helping him manage his dietary needs.

They even provided him with a treadmill submerged in a tank of water so he could exercise without hurting his joints.

Since his arrival at the OPA-MT center, Bolinha has lost over 31 pounds and aims to lose another 15.