Ocean City mayor urges visitors to stop feeding seagulls

The mayor of Ocean City, New Jersey is pleading with visitors to stop feeding the seagulls.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell went down the shore to find out what all the fuss was about.

"We call them flying rats," one person said.

If they're not stealing your food, they're trying to steal your food. Just the sound of them is enough to make you cry. This summer, the seagull saga has hit a whole new level.

Ocean City Mayor Jay A. Gillian sent out a letter to visitors telling them not to feed the seagulls. The letter reads in part:

"I have seen many incidents and heard many more complaints this summer about sea gulls taking food from people on the beach and boardwalk. These birds have become very aggressive and pose a public safety hazard. Some people think it’s funny to feed the gulls and see them swarm. For the health and safety of both animals and humans, this must stop. Feeding gulls and wildlife in Ocean City is against the law."

The mayor also wants food vendors to provide enclosed take-out containers to curb the issue. 

If you wish to read the whole letter, please click here.