Ocean City neighbors fed up with construction project taking up parking spaces

Heading to Ocean City, New Jersey for July 4th? Well, parking may be an issue. Residents say they're dealing with construction which is blocking parking areas.

"Apparently they're using this street as a storage area for all the pipes," said Cynthia Lovell. She lives on Simpson Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets in Ocean City. She's counted more than 30 pipes and pieces of construction equipment taking up parking spaces on her street.

"Those pipes have been sitting there dormant for weeks," she said. Neighbors say the equipment is part of a project to reduce flooding around the city but they say no work has been done on Simpson Street.

"Originally you saw one or two of these. I was away last weekend. I came back Monday and I could not get over the amount that was here," said Terry Watkins. She lives here year round and works from home.

"It's hard that I have clients coming and there's no place to park much less trying to get over these things," said Watkins. Lovell says the pipes showed up just before Memorial Day and she's been calling the city about them.

"And have been told it's going to be a few weeks into the summer and we're halfway through the season with July 4th. At this point it looks like they'll be here till Labor Day," said Watkins. The city's website says Ocean City will spend $7.75 million on road and drainage projects this year for the most flood-prone neighborhoods on the island. Lovell who is recovering from hip replacement surgery says the work is needed but feels the inconvenience could be avoided.

"What we're asking for is some consideration while they're doing some remediation of the streets." Residents say there is a lot nearby where they feel the pipes could be stored. We contacted city officials this evening.

We'll let you know when we hear back from them.