Ocean City residents, tourists discuss effects of Hermine on Labor Day weekend

"Wow it's pretty, the waves are pretty ridiculous."

The Azar family getting in some shore time in Ocean City Sunday evening.

Rough water and huge waves rendering the water off limits.

But Marc says Hermine's churning winds had a calming effect on the crowds.

"We knew it wasn't going to be that busy down here so we figured we'd go on some rides get some food."

"There's no people around everybody canceled their reservations."

For restaurants like hotspot on the wildwood boardwalk--Hermine put a damper on the last big business weekend of the summer. The mad dash to escape potential storm conditions meant mass exodus Saturday.

"Everybody was rushing out yesterday and the line of traffic took people 5 hours to get home."

Brian McGuire decided to risk it, sticking it out with his family despite the warnings. He's glad he did.

"We lucked out. We fished all day and there were no crowds."

Boardwalks lively but far from full.

Still the crashing waves meant empty beaches, police patrolling to make sure swimmers were heeding lifeguard orders to stay out of the surf. Riptides and huge breakers presenting a dangerous combination.

"The hurricane still kind of out there they kept talking about how dangerous it was."

On land a different story. Owner Marco says Hotspot will be welcoming anyone who wants to get in that last drop of summer.

"Come down at least one day tomorrow for labor day."

Vacationers and workers hoping the weather holds, still some areas bracing for flooding.

High tides tomorrow, forceful winds -- likely the ocean will be closed again.