Officer, Driver Injured in Police Involved Crash in Kensington

SKYFOX was over the Kensington neighborhood Thursday morning after an accident involving a Philadelphia Police vehicle sent both drivers to the hospital.

The crash occurred at East Allegheny Avenue & Jasper Street around 9:00 a.m.

Anthony Joiner, one of the bystanders, said, "We all helped. Told him to stay still. We all called 911 and stayed with the officer. It was a beautiful thing."
The veteran officer and the other driver both sustained minor injuries.

Anthony didn't hesitate when he saw a 24th District officer in need. He and others ran to help. Surveillance video shows the impact. The police officer rushed to a call and was struck so hard by a turning car his vehicle blasted into the base of a traffic light.

The police car was totaled. Anthony and other onlookers had to pull the 19-year veteran officer from the wreckage through the passenger side door. You can see the moment the shocked crowd runs to the officer's aid.

Bystanders say a white sedan was pulling a U-turn out of that parking space when it struck the police van.

Police spokesperson Lt. John Stanford says the impact caused the officer to strike the pole. Incredibly, both the driver and the policeman sustained just minor injuries.

"We're fortunate enough that the injuries weren't more severe," said Lt. Stanford.