Officer Pays For Shoplifter's Stolen Birthday Cake Ingredients

A police officer investigating a shoplifting incident last week displayed a heartwarming act of kindness.

According to WMUR, Officer Michael Kotsonis of Portsmith, New Hampshire was called to Ocean State Job Lots for a report regarding a shoplifter who got away. The officer was able to track down the culprit shortly after the incident.

This is what Portsmouth PD is all about!! Thank you Officer Kotsonis for shining a light on an otherwise darker moment in someone's life. We couldn't be more proud of what you bring to this community!!!

However, when the officer began to question the shoplifter--he received an unexpected response.

The woman explained that the items she stole were ingredients to make a birthday cake for her daughter. She couldn't afford them otherwise.

What happened next shocked the store employees and the shoplifter.

Officer Kotsonis returned to the store with the $8 or $9 worth of cake ingredients and paid for them himself. He then took them back to the woman so her daughter would have a birthday cake.

Sources close to officer Kotsonis say that he is uncomfortable with the all attention he is receiving for this act of kindness, but what he might see as a small gesture certainly made a huge impact for a little girl's birthday.