Officer Struck in Chester Hit-and-Run

Chester, Pa.-(WTXF)-Police say they are looking for a driver who struck a cop in Chester.

Police on scene identified him as officer Dan Hoffman.

Officer Hoffman was on his motorcycle headed westbound on Highway 291. Three cars were in the eastbound turn lane waiting to go left on Morton Street when the second car in line, a Pontiac, drove around the first car, according to police.

Investigators reconstructing the crash scene believe the driver was trying to beat the light when he hit Officer Hoffman knocking him off of his motorcycle.

The motorcycle then traveled about 10 feet before hitting a Honda stopped at the light. The person in that car was not hurt. Police say the driver of the burgundy Pontiac with a green bumper and hood kept going.

The officer was rushed to Chester Crozier where he remains in stable condition.