Officer uninjured after shooter opens fire from backyard in Upper Gwynedd Township

Authorities say an officer was uninjured after a man seen wandering through backyards and under the influence of drugs opened fire on police Sunday afternoon in Upper Gwynedd Township.

Police responded to East Prospect Lane and Kathys Lane around noon after receiving reports of a suspicious man seen wandering through backyards, drinking from a garden hose and peering into vehicles.

A witness told FOX 29's Chris O'Connell that the suspect tried to get into her car while she was unpacking groceries just moments before the shooting. 

When confronted by police, investigators say the man shouted obscenities then fired a shotgun at an officer from approximately 30 feet away. The officer reportedly sought cover behind an oak tree and did not return fire.

Soon after, the suspect was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital where police say he is in detox. The loaded shotgun believed to have been used in the shooting was recovered by police.

“It was very, very scary and hopefully it never happens again. I'm glad they got the guy and I hope he goes away for a long time because he terrorized this neighborhood today," a witness said.


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