Officials: Monroe Twp. schools closed rest of the week due to mold concerns

Officials say Monroe Township schools will be closed the rest of the week due to mold concerns.

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Parents called out Monroe Township School Board members in an emergency meeting in the Williamstown High School theater over mold concerns. A meeting so packed that twice the police had to step in and enforce the fire marshal's safety plan.

Parents blasted officials asking who knew what and when after mold was detected in the Holly Glen Elementary School forcing it to close.

"This problem has gone on way too long and somebody knew about it and it was just pushed under the rug," one parent said.

The district then made the sweeping move of closing all schools for the rest of the week as a precaution.

"I'm just like disappointed that it has come to this because we had so much planned this week. We had our spirit week, our homecoming game,"Chelsea Valcourt, a junior at a school, said.

Some parents grilled the the district's director of plant operation who said they have an outdated air conditioning system.

The director says he told some school officials and had the health department check things out three times, but one board member said they were in the dark early on.

"We knew nothing. This board absolutely knew nothing."

There was more love in the room for the Air Quality Task Force, which was formed by unions made up of teachers and support staff.

"Your children are just as important to you as my children are to me."