Officials: Mural Needs to be Removed in North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)-One homeowner in North Philadelphia is proud of a mural on the side of his home, but someone complained, and now the officials say it needs to be removed.

"He just said it's considered graffiti and it had to be removed from the wall," said Gary Peterson about what the city told him regarding a mural on the wall of his North Philadelphia home. He says it isn't graffiti, it's the name of a powerful project he started and runs out of his home on North 27th Street to keep neighborhood kids off the streets.

"Just to give them something to do. They don't have anything and this is something they might have never gotten exposed to," said Peterson.

The mural has "P-S-M-G Radio" Spray painted on it. Peterson set up the radio station and neighborhood kids produce and host programs. But someone called the city to complain about the mural and Peterson says a worker with CLIP...The Community Life Improvement Programs said they had to remove it. The city spokesman tells Fox 29 there was no application for a permit to put up the mural.

"I was mad because I feel like it's not bothering anybody. It doesn't have guns, it doesnt have nothing to do with violence so why should it be taken down," said Amani Cunningham. She's the station manager. Laura "LaLa" Lee is the host along with "Lil". They're all 16 year olds.

The talented trio says even though they can still do their radio show without the mural, it's what identifies them. It's part of their bran.

"It mean everything because it opened new doors for me," said Laura.

Peterson says he's willing to remove it but says the kids aren't giving up that easily. They've circulated a petition in the neighborhood asking neighbors to support keeping up the mural.

"You're hurting the kids not me. I understand it but they're the ones who love it the most," said Peterson.