Officials point to 'pandemic fatigue' for spike in numbers and need for new restrictions

COVID fatigue is what officials say has caused some to get lax in taking precautions and for some it's real. 

"It's worrisome what will happen with local businesses and all the things we like to do," said Elberts. Others say just the opposite. 

"Not for me because people are dying," said Naimah Omar Ried. Her husband Robert agrees.  

"I call it showing out. Pandemic fatigue? Sure. Now whose house is going to have 30 people for thanksgiving?" he said. 

City officials announced new restrictions for Philly say we have to fight COVID fatigue to flatten the curve again. 

"We've been with the coronavirus now for eight months and everyone is tired of it," said City Health Commissioner Dr. Tom Farley. It’s the same in Jersey where officials say the highest case counts are no longer from the beginning of the pandemic. 

"They have come now when we are grappling with pandemic fatigue and when we know people have begun to let their guards down," said Governor Phil Murphy.  

Licensed Professional Counselor Melissa Harrison points out two things that lend to Covid fatigue. She says living in uncertainty and getting used to living in fear causing us to maybe not take precautions as we did in the beginning.

"We also need a sense of belonging and I think once that starts to diminish, you're going to naturally see some signs of depression even if you're not meeting full criteria for major depressive disorder. So I would educate yourself on when things start to get really difficult for your mental health," said Harrison.

What she does with clients she says we can all do. Make a list of what you learned from the first part of quarantine, what you didn't do or did that worked. 

"Like make sure you're calling a friend three times a week, make sure you're going outside for a walk by yourself with a mask on, of course, make sure you're getting fresh air and making sure that you have things in place that when things get bad you're able to not get to your lowest low," she said. 

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