Officials: Weapons, Ammo and Chemicals Found at Wayne Home

Wayne, Pa. (WTXF) SkyFOX was over a home in Wayne on Monday night where officials say they found weapons, ammo and chemicals.

Radnor township officials say a foul stench and an unkempt backyard brought police to the home on Marlyn Circle. According to officials, when they got close enough to the home they found the worst case of hoarding they've ever seen.

"It's awful. Absolutely awful. It's deplorable conditions. I don't know how anyone can live in there," said Township Manager Robert Zienkowski.

Police say they found a cache of weapons and boxes of ammunition. The owner 80-year-old Layton Fireng is a licensed firearms dealer although it's not clear what he's allowed to own, according to authorities.

Police say the man came to the door wearing two handguns on his waist. He tells FOX 29 he did nothing wrong. Police also say containers of nitric acid are buried in the backyard along with 20 dead cats.

Neighbors in this area say the man has lived here for decades. The only complain is the dirty house, according to neighbors.

"Never been in is house. Never would want to go in his house. He does not keep his house and it's always been a concern from the neighbors," said Wayne resident Susan Walsh.

Fireng has not been charged with a crime. Although officials did tell him to spend the night elsewhere as investigators comb through the home.