Ohio family builds massive Star Wars Halloween decoration

An Ohio couple is turning heads with a Halloween decoration on their front lawn that's out of this world.

Nick Meyer and his wife Becky brought "Star Wars" and Halloween together this year, building a two-story replica of an At-At Walker outside their home.

The four-legged "all terrain armored transport" vehicle looks like it walked right off a movie screen and onto the Meyers' front lawn.

It stands almost as tall as the home and took about six months to build. "I bought a model online and scaled the model, and started building the thing in about April. It took 6 months on the weekends," said Nick Meyer.

The family gets lots of visitors and the kids love it, he says. Massive Halloween decorations have become a tradition for the Meyers for the last six or seven years.

In the past, the couple built a pirate ship off their front porch and they've also built a replica of the cabin from the slasher horror classic "Friday the Thirteenth."

This year, Nick plans to dress up as Princess Leia and his wife plans to be Darth Vader. "It keeps me young," said Nick.