Ohio police looking for whole family of suspected porch pirates

Photos of theft of packages on May 24, 2023. (Credit: Marblehead Police Department)

Ohio police are still searching for a family of porch pirates, who stole 12 packages off a resident’s porch last month.

According to Marblehead Police, the family stole the boxes that had just been delivered by FedEx on May 24. 

"We are still looking for these upstanding individuals," police wrote on social media on Monday, adding, "If anyone knows or sees them around, please let us know asap." 

Some social media users claimed that the family members worked at Spectrum as a subcontractor, but officials said they had checked with Spectrum, and the company "had no idea who they were." 

Officials said if anyone recognizes the suspects to contact them by calling 419-635-5224 or by leaving them a message on Facebook


Police say the family stole the boxes that had just been delivered by FedEx. (Credit: Marblehead Police Department)

"Looks like a fine loving family, they even brought their little daughter along with them to observe their handy work," the police continued. "Let’s get these clowns off the street before they show up at your porch." 

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MPD said all tips will stay anonymous and confidential.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.