Oil spill oozes into Delaware County resident's home

Officials are working to find the source of an oil spill that has oozed into a Delaware County woman's home and yard.

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It all started earlier this year when homeowner, Kim Yachera, noticed what she believed to be household heating oil on the basement wall and in a water pump.

Since then, a parade of local and state investigators have circulated through her home in Crum Lynne trying to find out how much oil is in the ground and where it came from.

"I've got oil in the ground, in the house," said Yachera. "This whole block could end up being contaminated."

On Tuesday, Department of Environmental Protection agents and contracted investigators were at Yachera's home to collect samples and figure out how to install a ventilation system.

"Our goal is to address any health concerns or environmental impacts to the residents and the community, and to delineate the extent of the contamination," said Department of Environmental Protection agent Virginia Cain.

So far, Pennsylvania taxpayers are footing the bill for the clean up, but the Department of Environmental Protection said they may force those found responsible for the oil to pay.

Meanwhile, Yachera is left waiting for her self-described "living nightmare" to end.