Old City pipe attack: Video shows suspect holding pipes, pacing day before deadly attack

New video obtained by FOX 29 claims to show a man accused of bludgeoning a woman to death at an Old City office building pacing outside a Philadelphia apartment holding what appears to be two pipes in his hand.

The Ring doorbell footage was recorded Tuesday night outside a Bridesburg apartment building where the accused attacker, 49-year-old Jeffrey Stepien, used to live. A former landlord claims that Stepien menacingly paced on the sidewalk with an object in his hands for roughly an hour and a half. 

Prosecutors on Thursday charged Stepien with murder in the alleged attack that left 31-year-old Samantha Maag dead. According to investigators, Stepien beat Maag to death with a metal pipe on the 8th floor of an Old City apartment building Wednesday afternoon. 

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters that the Stepien also rents office space on the eighth floor. It's believed that the Stepien and the Maag knew each other and had argued in the past. 

A law enforcement source told FOX 29's Kelly Rule that investigators are exploring the possibility that Stepien was living in the rented office space after being told that he was not allowed to.

Maag, who was described by coworkers as a "team leader," was struck at least 5 times in the head, according to police. Small said she also had defensive wounds to both of her hands and arms. 

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department responded to the building after several 911 calls were placed during the deadly beating. Small said the Stepien was getting off the elevator covered in blood and carrying a bag with 2-foot long bloody metal pipes inside when police arrived.

New video claims to show 49-year-old Jeffrey Stepien pacing outside a Bridesburg apartment holding pipes a day before the deadly attack at an Old City office building. 

The victim was taken to Jefferson Hospital where she died shortly after her arrival. 

Small said the beating was witnessed by several people which lead to at least 15 911 calls.



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