On-going pope preparations throughout the city

The calm before the storm driving around the city tonight.

No problem crossing over the Ben Franklin Bridge -- which will close to vehicles Friday night.

The barriers on the side are ready to go to make the walk across the bridge an orderly one.

The Vine Street Expressway, which will also close tomorrow night,was a breeze to pass through tonight along with Kelly Drive.

"It's equal to my quickest commute time to work ever," Tom Flynn from East Falls said.

And we saw very little traffic along the streets by the Parkway -- about to be shut down, confusing many.

It's all a big "no parking" zone now, discovered too late by this family visiting from Michigan. They came back to their car only to find it had been towed.

"Some people take the signs down that say temporary no parking," Jim Goergen from Flint, Michigan said.

Fortunately, some friendly locals directed them to the nearest impound lot.

Signs of heavy security are around every turn, what appear to be national guard members. Out in force tonight on foot and in vehicles.

Traffic may not be a problem, but for some the detours sure are.

"It's been kind of challenging actually. I just actually a tried to get down to boathouse row, but I had to go all around the city come back down," Lorenzo Massaro said.