Organization offering surfing lessons to children with autism

Surf's up!

A group in South Carolina offering surfing lessons to kids with autism.

The organization Surfers Healing helping get kids with autism to learn how to ride the waves.

"The kids are capable of more than what they think they are," Adam Paskowitz, an instructor with Surfers Healing, said.

"There's a connection to the ocean and if a real expert takes you out there on the water, it can be really therapeutic."

And Thursday, kids and their parents flocked to Folly Beach to get one on one surf lessons.

The event is free for all participants -- and everyone involved with Surfers Healing is a volunteer.

"All this is free. It's a true moment where someone steps out of their environment and says, you know what, I'm going to make an impact on the world," Paskowitz said.

The goal is simple - have fun and raise awareness about autism.

"This whole thing has blown me away. I never that it was as big as it is and all of the things that they do for people," Renee Covington, a parent, said.

"Autism is probably one of the biggest, misunderstood type of, I don't even want to classify it as a disability because it's not. I think that they're perfect the way that they are but as much awareness as possible is great."

According to the CDC, one in every 68 children in the US is on the autism spectrum.