Outdoor dining with a twist at Rouge in Rittenhouse during the storm

It was a snowy night dining outside at Rouge in Rittenhouse as people still came out to enjoy outdoor dining.

"I was curious about that boot right there, but yeah but it's definitely a ski lodge vibe," said Jack Honebrink.  

Honebrink and his friends Brian Dailey and Brent Ricci didn't want to waste a snow day off from work just sitting at home. 

"Let's make the most of it and go trek around the city and explore a little bit. We saw this set up while we were in the park and said it's perfect for our vibe today," said Ricci. 

They joined other groups under a cozy tent with decorative lights overhead, spruced up with trees, fur-covered seats, and skis placed all around the sides. 

"I'm kind of a hermit crab the whole winter so far but these guys pulled me out to join the winter vibes. It's feeling like summer by this fire here but I'm enjoying the time," said Dailey. 

Beverage director Matthew Brenner says they also have swag items promoting the theme.  

"Something a little bit unique maybe not the exact same things everybody does." He says they started this in the winter of last year to find a way to survive the colder season. 

"Now people say I wanna go to the lodge. They don't even say I want to say go to Rouge. They say I want to go to the lodge," said Brenner. Customers say the atmosphere really takes away from the cold. 

"I'm perfectly warm. I didn't really need the fire really (and that helps) the liquor helps," laughed Ricci.  


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