Pa. budget becoming law after weekend lawmaker session

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said Sunday evening he'll let a roughly $31 billion spending bill become law without his signature, even though lawmakers are struggling to figure out how to pay for some of it.

Wolf said he has faith that lawmakers will act. The governor's aides say the administration won't spend more money than it has coming in if the Republican-controlled Legislature doesn't approve an acceptable revenue package.

But they couldn't immediately say how that would affect programs.

The bill becomes law without his signature midnight Monday. Wolf has said he would not sign it without sustainable revenue to pay for it.

On Sunday night, the House ended an unusual session without action on major legislation. Meanwhile, another nearly $600 million in aid to Penn State, Temple, Pitt, Lincoln and Penn remains in limbo in the House.

House Majority Leader Dave Reed says there's still disagreement over where to get the $1.3 billion necessary to balance the spending plan. Discussion is centering on a $1 per-pack cigarette tax increase and an expansion of casino-style gambling.

The struggle over how to shore up Pennsylvania's deficit-ridden finances left it as the only state government without an enacted budget for part or all of the new 2016-17 fiscal year, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers.