Pennsylvania makes changes to how restaurant workers are tipped

A new law starts Friday in Pennsylvania that could mean more money for tipped workers, like restaurant servers.

The new rules include raising the amount of hourly wages depending on how many tips a worker makes, and stopping businesses from slapping workers with fees when someone puts the tip on a credit card.

"It’s really nice to me. I have a job and, for me, it’s like I rely on tips, so this will definitely help," Henry Cissel said.


When it comes to what’s known as ‘tip pooling,’ the new rules make it very clear that in order to share the wealth, someone has to help out with the actual work, like bussing a table and not just supervising.

"People think that the tip goes strictly to the waitress when it doesn’t. We tip out the busser or a food runner or a bartender. Sometimes the host, depending on where you are, so it does not solely go to us, so absolutely, it’s a good thing," Rita added.

It was 1977 when the last changes were made to the way people are paid in bars and restaurants.

"I think it’s awesome. I think it’s the best thing that we can do to take care of the people who are working in restaurants for us. They deserve it. They work hard, much harder than a lot of us and they don’t get paid for it, so they deserve it," Shari Cissel explained.