Pa. teacher disciplined after special needs student hurt

A teacher from Bucks County is the subject of disciplinary action after a student with special needs sustained injuries at school.

The student, known as Sammie, who was injured is 15-years-old, has cerebral palsy, and uses a wheelchair.

On September 11, she was attending a Bucks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) class at Pennsbury High School East that was being held outside. During the class, the girl's wheelchair fell off the curb of a sidewalk and caused her to land face down on the ground.

Sammie suffered cuts to her face, arms, and knees and also a laceration to her lip that needed stitches.

The Bucks County Courier reports that the girl's father said she missed three weeks of classes as a result of her injuries.

Photos of the teen displaying her injuries were shared on social media and a Facebook page was created in her honor, seeking justice. The page has more than 6,000 followers.

"Sammie has severe C. P. She attends the Pennsbury school districts I. U. Department school. She used a wheelchair at school. While at recess, she was not being supervised and rolled away and hit a curb. The wheelchair fell and she busted her face up, as you can see," Sammie's aunt Angie Efaw claimed in a statement to FOX 29.

"The medical bills and cost to repair her wheelchair are coming in. The school told my sister in law they will not help. They also would not return phone calls. My sister in law has spoken to lawyers, but apparently teachers have immunity. Sammie missed a couple weeks of school due to her sore face and stitches."

A spokesperson from BCIU said in a statement that an investigation was put underway by supervisory staff with a report filed. Also, disciplinary action was taken against the teacher whose care the girl was under, according to the spokesperson.

The spokesperson wrote, "Per BCIU protocol, the teacher who was assigned to the student was placed on administrative leave, and as a result of information received during the investigation; termination proceedings against the teacher are now in progress."

According to the spokesperson, BCIU is working with the Pennsbury School District and police in the investigation. They also apologized for the incident.

"Our thoughts are with the student and the student's family during this time," the spokesperson wrote. "We are hopeful that the student makes a complete recovery. Supervisory staff have talked with the family several times and our Executive Director met with the parents to express the Intermediate Unit's heartfelt concern. We will continue to keep both the district and the family fully informed."

Sending my child to school then having them neglect her and this is what I am dealing with ! And nothing can be done...