Pamela Grayson-Baltimore dares to care

Pamela Grayson-Baltimore goes there.

Founder and CEO of the I Dare to Care Association (ID2C), Pamela inspires young girls to dream big by creating and sustaining long-term, positive mentoring relationships with thriving professionals from varying industries.

Pamela, who was born and raised in Camden, N.J., brings over 20 years of experience to her organization as a Clinical Social Worker, with a special concentration on youth and teenage girls.

After reflecting on the positive female role models in her own life, Pamela launched ID2C Association in 2008. Since then, the association proudly has proudly served the community by providing a safe environment for individuals to develop healthy, strong interpersonal relationships and lead fulfilling lives in their communities.

Pamela's coworkers and friends were eager to honor her as someone who "goes there" because--in every sense--she dares to care.