Parents Make Elaborate Halloween Costumes Every Year for Son With Cerebral Palsy

(INSIDE EDITION) What started seven Halloweens ago for one family, has turned into yearly elaborate costumes for their son.

Seven-year-old Anthony Alfano, who has cerebral palsy, will be dressing as the Lincoln Memorial housed in a snow globe for Halloween this year, but this costume is just another one for the books.

"Since he's in the wheelchair, we look for things for sitting," Deanna Alfano, Anthony's mom, told "Right after Halloween last year we thought about the Lincoln Memorial and we were like what can we do to take it a step further, and we thought of the snow globe."

Dressing up Anthony started when he was just one year old, Deanna said.

For his first Halloween, the family donned him in a bedazzled onesie, sunglasses, and side burns - a baby Elvis - and so it began.

Some of Anthony's other costumes include: Pinocchio, a horse jockey, and a hockey goalie.

"People started really responding to Anthony's costumes and expecting it every year," said Deanna. "My husband growing up was really into Halloween so it just kind of snowballed."

Although Anthony is non-verbal, he definitely loves the attention each year, his mom said.

"Once he's in his costume he totally he laughs and smiles and definitely loves the attention," said Deanna.

Deanna said most of the time it's a task to get his costumes out the front door, but the family does take Anthony trick or treating and he enters costume competitions each year.

"He's an amazing kid and we get such a kick out of doing it for him," said Deanna. "We almost do it as special thing for all the other kids too. It's a chance to have other kids other kids rally around him."