Parents of 'person of interest' called to Bucks County grand jury

Sources say Antonio DiNardo and his wife have been subpoenaed to appear before a county grand jury Thursday morning as the firestorm swirling around their 20-year-old son Cosmo intensifies.

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"I wanna to be very careful to stress that he's a person of interest. He has not been charged or arrested with respect to any of the missing four young men at this time," Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said.

Sources say the spotlight is being shifted to DiNardo's parents as investigators want to question them under oath about their son's actions last weekend after four young Bucks County men disappeared. The DA stop short of calling DiNardo's father a person of interest.

"I would not classify him that way, no."

Sources also confirm that investigators have seized the cell phones of Antonio DiNardo, his wife and son as they try to piece together a timeline for Cosmo DiNardo's whereabouts since last Wednesday.

"We're considering the whole thing a place of interest. I can't say the whole entire property is a crime scene," Weintraub said.

As the search for the four missing men moved on into the night Tuesday some of their friends started to visit the search site.

"It's hard. We're all just shaken up by the whole thing. We're all just we're scared," one friend said.

Sources also told FOX 29 that the DiNardos have retained noted Philadelphia defense attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. to represent them at the grand jury. Perri refused comment.