Partially paralyzed runners defy all odds

It's a Halloween check in - more than 18-thousand runners getting their race numbers, shirts, and costumes. They're determined to run happy - and have a scary good time.

The Gin Blossoms and other bands are bringing the rock and roll to this half marathon - through our historic sights.

Beth Deloria and Todd Hart jog down the art museum steps rocky style, but, what's most amazing is at one time they both thought they'd never run again. They're both partially paralyzed.

Look what happens when Beth takes off her special brace.

When I don't have it on, my foot just drops that's why it gets the name foot drop. It's paralysis of the shin, top of foot, ankle no ability to lift it whatsoever," Deloria said.

For an active person like Beth, it was a devastating diagnosis.

"That was a dark, dark time for me, a period of 2 years when I had spinal cord injury, and resulting foot drop where they told me you're not going to run again you're not going to be an athlete," she said.

For Todd Hart, it was surgery to treat skin cancer that took him down. His foot collapsed in on itself.

"I was so low in my life from a depression standpoint after being active for 20, 30 years with dystonia onset," he said.

But, both found a special brace that brought their lives back one step at a time. Pretty soon they were running and showing the power of what people can do against all odds.

If you see them tomorrow, shout out a big greeting as they inspire us all to strive for more.