Passengers stranded at Philadelphia International Airport again due to delays

Lines of frustrated passengers, empty baggage carousels and piles of unclaimed luggage - travel nightmares continue at Philadelphia International Airport for the second time in a week.

It all started Sunday evening when severe weather hit Philadelphia, causing major delays for people traveling to and from the city.

Those delays have carried over into Monday morning, with 40 flight delays and 90 cancellations to kick off a week of busy travel.


Serious flooding, trees down due to severe thunderstorms across Delaware Valley

From flooded streets to downed trees, severe thunderstorms Sunday created quite the mess across the Delaware Valley.

FOX 29's Hank Flynn was live at the airport, where he says all roads lead to the American Airlines baggage reclaim center.

Several travelers have been waiting hours for the bags with no assistance from the airline - some since 6 p.m. Sunday.

This comes just a week after frustrated American Airlines customers waited more than 24 hours for their bags in Philadelphia.


Frustrated flyers wait overnight for luggage at PHL - some for 24 hours!

Travel nightmare in Philadelphia as frustrated travelers have been left stranded for hours without their personal belongings after several flights were delayed, or even canceled over the weekend.

One woman claims this is a continuing problem with the airlines, who have yet to offer any assistance.

Another customer rejoiced when her bag came rolling along the carousel.

"Thank you, Jesus, our bags are here finally," she said, only to find another bag still missing moments later.

FOX 29 has reached out to American Airlines for comment, but have yet to receive a response.