Pennbrook Middle School attack: School board hires law firm to investigate lunchroom attack

The North Penn School Board District has hired an independent investigator to probe a lunchroom attack last month when one student allegedly beat another with a metal Stanley Cup.

The decision to hire Stock and Leader Attorneys at Law, a York-based law firm, came in a unanimous decision at the district's Thursday night meeting. 

The third-party attorneys will be tasked with investigating an attack at Pennbrook Middle School on Apr. 17 that officials say involved a 13-year-old student beating a 12-year-old student with a metal Stanley Cup mug in the lunchroom. 

The attack sent the young student to the hospital, and sparked outrage from parents and families whose children were exposed to the violent beating. One student who spoke at a school meeting said she'd "never forget" watching custodial staff clean up blood leftover from the melee. 


Pennbrook Middle School attack: Families protest after student beat with Stanley Cup

Outraged parents and students gathered Tuesday morning for a peaceful protest after a brutal incident left a middle school student hospitalized last week.

"This should not have happened, period. Such behavior has no place in our schools," North Penn School District Superintendent Todd Bauer said. "You expect better. We expect better, and certainly I do, as well."

In the wake of the incident, Pennbrook Middle School students and families organized protests outside the school and rallies demanding "safety for our children; transparency on the findings; accountability for staff and leaders; change in administration and school personnel; end of school violence."