Pennsbury High School celebrates best prom in America in 80s style

The Pennsbury High School Prom has been voted the best prom in America, and if you’ve been to one for just a couple of seconds, it’s not hard to see why.

Saturday night, over 700 students arrived in style as the entire community came out to cheer them on the red carpet.

"Honestly, I was considering going to the tech school when I was in 8th grade," said Jules Bielawsky. "I ended up going to Pennsbury just for the prom."

The students arrive in fancy vehicles and 80s themed parade floats.

To make this possible, community members have been working tirelessly to transform the school into a time machine to the 1980s.

Maggie Webber, an art teacher at Pennsbury, has been guiding groups of students for over nine months to get the school ready.

"They spent 14 hours yesterday taping and folding and putting their murals in place," Webber said. "They were here way past the time they were supposed to be."

The 80s theme is complete with a 22-foot Transformer of a Falcon, the school's mascot, and murals painted by the students covering the walls.

"We were helping with the setups, too," junior Ellery Mahony said. "Like cleaning, all around mopping. We just painted a mural. We took, like, three hours to do it."

Keeping up with the tradition of big acts taking the stage, The Sugarhill Gang performed.

"That one song, jump on it. I used to listen and dance to it on the Wii and stuff, so I’m happy to see them," Senior Galamama Mulbah said.

Proud parents saw their kids off for the best prom in the country and guests are happy they had an opportunity to experience it, even if they don’t go to Pennsbury.

"Going to Neshaminy, we’ve always heard things about going to Pennsbury’s prom, so I’m excited to be here," said Erica Young.

With an event this big, planning has to start early. That’s why next week, the prom committee will bring four different themes to the student body, and they’ll vote on the theme for next year.