Pennsylvania woman bitten by venomous snake while doing laundry at home

A Berks County woman says she was bit on the arm by a venomous copperhead snake in the basement of her home Monday morning.

Judy Reed says she went down the basement to do laundry when she encountered the snake. When the reptile bit her, Reed said she instantly felt the intensity of the venom.

"I felt a shock, it was like an electrical shock. I turned and I looked and I saw this snake and I couldn’t believe it," Reid said.

Reed was taken to the hospital where doctors administered anti-venom. Two days later, Reed remains in the hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to the antidote. The bite left by the copperhead is still swollen and tender.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission were called to Reeds house to corral the snake and release it back into the wilderness. Officials also found the point of entry the snake likely slithered through. 

Reed says she will get her boyfriend, Harry, to patch up the hole.