People flock to take photos of sunflowers in Chester County

A car wash owner in a remote town in Chester County is floored by how many people are showing up at his business. But not all of them are there to get their car washed. They want to snap a picture in front of what's next door.

FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer has the story from Elverson, Chester County.

We live life trying to find a direct route to happiness. For Rick Frey, that route ended up in the most unpredictable place.

An acre of land next to his Please Wash Me Carwash in Elverson, Pennsylvania, has thousands and thousands of sunflowers. They have the attention of people from as far as four and a half hours away who come just to take pictures.

Seven years ago, Rick wanted to boost business at his Please Wash Me Carwash. He got the idea to plant sunflowers seeds in hopes of drawing in a few more customers once they bloomed. This is the first year the sunflowers have caught on. Rick believes over 60,000 people have come to visit in just 11 days.

"For whatever reason it just seems to work," he explained. "For 15 minutes everyone can get along and do something. There is no politics, there is no religion, there is no race, there is no nothing," Rick said. "I am just a guy who washes cars and makes a little business. This over came that. This makes me happier than washing a car. A lot happier," Rick said.