Pet owners wary after hundreds of thumbtacks found at Hercules dog park

Hundreds of tacks were found strewn throughout a dog park in Hercules over the weekend, according to police.

A Hercules police officer responded to Ohlone Dog Park at 190 Turquoise Drive around noon Saturday based on reports of visitors to the park finding tacks that day and on Friday.

Tacks were found inside the park as well as in a creek nearby, according to police. The tacks have apparently been reported at the park on at least one other occasion.

"Here about three and a half weeks ago, we started seeing tacks put out in the dog park, says retired Hercules police officer Laraine Clarine, who frequently brings his dog to the park.

Police told KTVU's Tom Vacar they are already honing in on a potential suspect.

"Saturday, about 500 of them were found in the little stream which is right next to the dog park; the dogs rinse off when they're done running," says Clarine, who adds that two dogs have been taken to the vet to remove ingested tacks. "In total, we're talking anywhere from three to five thousand thumb tacks and he has many bags full to provide it."

Police are concerned the criminal might escalate to poisons against people.

"It's either going to escalate to something different or they're going to continue doing what they're doing," says Clarine.

Anyone who may have information about the case is asked to call Hercules police at (510) 799-8260.