Petitions debate on when Halloween should be held

Thousands have signed two petitions debating when Halloween should be held. FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson took the debate to Hickory Lane in Radnor Township where decorations are up, pumpkins out and it's already designated a trick-or-treat zone.

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"I would prefer the last Saturday of the month," said Anna Fazio.

"Halloween stays on Halloween. It's like moving Christmas. It's ridiculous," said Julie Brennan.

One petition would keep the tradition of Halloween on Oct. 31 but add a day making National Trick-or-Treat Day the last Saturday of October.  Another petition favors just one day and moving it to the last Saturday of every October.

"It gives a chance for the kids to stay out late, have fun, the parents to have fun and a chance for everyone to recover on Sunday and eat all the chocolate," said Fazio.

Her neighbor Chris Golden disagrees.

“It made it kind of confusing for some kids that were talking to a cousin that said oh we got Halloween tonight. We're trick or treating and ours were like well no it's on the 31st," said Golden.

Radnor Township Police Superintendent Chris Flanagan says for them safety remains an issue no matter what day and time.  He says daylight offers more visibility but there's also likely more car traffic out.

"This year, we're ordering glow in the dark light sticks so if it is Thursday night they'll be able to come here and get a free light stick for each child. They can either have the parents carry them or put them on the outfit the child is wearing just to give one more layer of safety," he said.

16-year-old Bryonna Perry was at Party City Monday buying a Halloween mask for Halloween and for a cinematography class project.

"I think they should have one day and the last Saturday of the month because it's not a school night and they can stay out as late as they want," she said. As for the petition to have two days for Halloween festivities Bryonna says, “Then people would have to buy more candy and I don't think they're for that," she laughed.