Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity holds college signing day for students

Proud parents, family, friends and members of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are saluting five teens headed for college. 

The fraternity held its annual 'signing day' to reward the teens for their hard work and dedication. Four of them are going to college and one is joining the Air Force. 

17-year-old Derrick Dow says the occasion is bittersweet.

“You’re leaving something behind that’s kind of valuable to you but at the same time you can move up in the world,” he said. He’s talking about the Kappa Achievement Academy. It's a mentorship program for boys ages 9 to 18.  The teens honored are also graduating from that program.

“What I’ll remember about the Kappa League is mostly their mentorship and their guidance between them,” said Derrick. He is going to Hampton University and plans to become an architect. He's grateful for what the frat has done for him.

“It’s always good to have another voice in your ear to guide you where you need to go,” he said. His mother Celeste says she's both proud and thankful.

“We see so many statistics of men not helping and men not being involved but if you come here you tell a different story,” she said.

The teens received awards for participation in the Achievement Academy, which teaches lifestyle skills, professional development and academics. 

There's something else they learn.

"Giving back to the community, seeing that they are important that young black men can be successful. They can go to college, can be rewarded and can be acknowledged like this," said Troy Robinson. He’s the program’s Guide Right chairman.

The teens ended the night signing a commitment to do well and received a scholarship from the fraternity.

“It's not even about money because what they get is invaluable. What they’re giving to these young men is invaluable. You can’t put a price tag on it,” said Celeste Dow.

For more information on 'The Achievement Academy, please click here