Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce launches non-profit and clothing line to benefit children

Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce launched his new non-profit and clothing line Sunday.

The Be Philly Foundation is set to help organizations that have proved to help improve the academic and economic situations of city kids.

"I’ve been interested in trying to help kids, in particular, reach their potential for a long time and trying to figure out the best way that is to do that," Kelce remarked. "We’re partnered with a couple groups right now and I feel really good about where we’re at. I figured what I could do is offer a way of trying to start a movement, a clothing company that could embrace, obviously, the pride of Philadelphia and try and raise money towards initiatives and people that are doing great work in the city and that are doing our mission which is helping people reach their potential."

Kelce’s clothing line, Underdog Apparel, will contribute 100 percent of sales from the line to the foundation.