Philadelphia health officials provide tips to ensure COVID testing sites are trustworthy


The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is advising residents on how to ensure that COVID-19 testing sites are trustworthy after warning of 'unaffiliated' sites that popped up last week. 

City officials say residents have been looking for additional testing sites as a result of delays in access to COVID-19 testing prompted by the high demand. 

As a result, the health department says they are working on a process to certify COVID-19 testing sites. In the meantime, they have provided some tips for residents to ensure that they are safe and that their information is secure. 

The department suggests residents ask who the testing site is affiliated with and check with the facilities in which the testing sites are located. Legitimate testing sites will partner with the sites where they have set up.

Residents are also advised to look for logos of institutions on the paperwork and signage posted at the site. It's recommended that visitors contact those institutions and make sure the testing site is affiliated with them.

Those looking for tests can also check the city's testing site locator to see if the site is listed.

As a general rule of thumb, COVID testing sites may ask for your insurance but should not charge you for testing. 

They should not, however, ask for your social security number.

The health department recommends anyone who has visited a testing site watch for their results. If it's been longer than promised, contact the testing provider with an update. If visitors are unsatisfied with the answer they receive, they are advised to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.

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