Texas officials deny sending bus of migrants to Philadelphia

Officials in Texas say they have not sent a busload of migrants to Philadelphia, despite reports of such an arrival expected by city officials in the coming days. 

Governor Greg Abbott's Office told FOX 29's Steve Keeley in an email that Texas is only busing migrants to Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago.

Officials from Mayor Jim Kenney's said on Friday that a community partner organizations notified them to expect approximately 52 individuals seeking asylum.

A spokesperson said city agencies have been coordinating regularly with local community-based organizations to prepare for the potential arrival of migrants via unplanned and uncoordinated bus routes from southern states.

"Whatever day they come, we will welcome them with open arms," Mayor Jim Kenney said.

On the campaign trail, just before the election, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Del Rio, among other areas, was overwhelmed with migrants.


"This is what I don’t understand about people professed to be Christians and talk about Christian ethics and you put people on a bus and you send them for a political stunt. We will do our Christian duty, our human duty, to take care of people in need," Mayor Kenney remarked.

City Councilmember-At-Large David Oh argues it’s a complicated issue. "I think it’s unfair to expect small towns and other places to handle all those persons crossing the border. I understand they’re trying to bring attention to their problem, but there’s no coordination."

"Our plan is to help them navigate get to where they need to be," Executive Director of HIAS Pennsylvania, Cathryn Miller-Wilson said.