Philadelphia police investigating after groups wielding paintball guns fire at people, cars

Police say two times last week groups of young men toting paintball guns turned their sights on people and cars in their Philly neighborhoods.

Both incidents occurred in North Philadelphia.  Police are now looking at videos posted to the Instagram account of 911Philly. 

One video shows one man crouched on the ground being shot at repeatedly with paintball guns at close range. 

A second video shows cars driving up the block being fired on by a group wielding paintball guns. 

On Monday night, as FOX 29 cameras rolled in North Philadelphia, one young man could be seen firing a paintball gun near 23rd and Susquehanna. He fired off a shot that hit a camera and splattered paint on a FOX 29 cameraman. 

Residents believe police should stay laser-focused on gun violence but they also feel the latest paintball gun episodes could prove to be dangerous. 

So far, no injuries have been reported in the paintball incidents. 


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