2 South American thieves arrested as law enforcement works to end string of burglaries on Main Line

Police on the Main Line say they arrested two thieves from South America who were targeting high-end homes in upscale neighborhoods and this is the latest in a string of thefts.

"The local police departments on the Main Line are experiencing an increase in burglaries such as ours, that a ring of well-trained burglars are operating in the area," Radnor Police Chief, Chris Flanagan stated.

"It’s a serious problem," Corporal Mike McNasby, with New Castle County Police said. "It’s an epidemic."

Lower Merion Police are on alert for burglars of big, expensive homes. Late Friday, they announced two burglars were captured who have similar backgrounds of prior burglars, busted for breaking into homes in Philadelphia’s wealthiest suburbs.


Sudden increase in Main Line burglaries has police searching for suspects, residents on edge

Police say highly skilled thieves are targeting homes in and around the Main Line, scaling their way in through the second floor. Police say multiple homes have been hit in the last two weeks.

Last Tuesday, burglars hit a home on John Barry Drive for the second time in two months, neighbors said, near a home listed for sale at $4 million.

About a mile away, on Cedar Lane, in Villanova, another attempted burglary happened. Neighbors said the house was broken into two months ago and $40,000 in jewelry was taken. Neighbors alerted police regarding a suspicious vehicle on their dead end cul-de-sac.

Upper Merion Police stopped a vehicle that had a license plate stolen from Tredyffrin Township earlier in the day. Lower Merion police were able to link it with the earlier burglaries and arrested two suspects from Peru, continuing the pattern of South American burglars arrested in suburban Philadelphia break-ins in recent months.


South American 'crime tourists' in Delaware: Police warn of increase in 'advanced' home burglaries

South American crime rings known as "theft groups" or "crime tourists" have already committed multiple burglaries in New Castle County this year, according to the local police department.

Radnor had three burglaries and an attempted fourth within five days just months ago.

In November 2023, Chief Flanagan stated, "They hit the house fast. They were wearing masks. They’re gloved up and they’re very smooth. They definitely know what they’re looking at. They left jewelry that wasn’t of any value and picked high-end pieces."

"We’ve been plagued by these burglaries that various crews from South America have been committing," Corporal McNasby added. "We’ve developed a task force and speaking with other investigators throughout the Delaware Valley."

In July of 2023, Corporal McNasby explained, "They’re also crafty with bringing tools to knock out a slider or a ladder to access a second-story window. They’re leaving behind electronics and other stuff that can be tracked, trying to take just jewelry, precious metals, cash. Designer bags – stuff that will really fetch a decent price on the black market."