Philadelphia police lieutenant passes away after battle with cancer

A Philadelphia police lieutenant tragically lost his battle with cancer Saturday morning.

Juan Perez, 49, was diagnosed with adrenal cancer last June. He has been a member of the Philadelphia Police Department for more that 30 years, and was most recently serving on the K-9 unit.

After Perez was diagnosed, he underwent unsuccessful surgery to remove the cancer. Further testing revealed that it had spread to his lungs, kidney and stomach.

Perez underwent chemotherapy, and tried a number of different medications and experimental drugs during his battle.

He was scheduled to see an adrenal cancer expert in Michigan, but his worsening condition caused doctors to prohibit travel. He was also instructed to stop chemotherapy, which left Perez in hospice care.

Perez is survived by his wife, Diana, and their three children.

A GoFund Me page to help pay for some of the hospital bills and support Perez's family.