Philadelphia police officers help man learn how to knot a tie for graduation day

Philadelphia police officers get all kinds of requests for help but this one was a first. A man appeared out of the blue and needed help learning how to knot his tie for graduation day.

It was a proud moment for Robert Mena and his family. On Saturday, he graduated from Community College of Philadelphia after four years of hard work. The night before as the 24-year-old was getting ready for his big day, he realized he forgot something.

"I was jumping around, taking my suit from the laundry, go to the barbershop and then I realized damn the tie. I need somebody to help me," Mena told FOX 29.

Mena had no idea how to tie a tie, so he decided to enlist the help of two Philadelphia police officers from the Second District who were working the streets that night.

"At first I did think we were getting pranked," Philadelphia Police Officer Patrick Dooley said.

When officers Patrick Dooley and Christian Rodriguez realized the college senior really did need help. They were happy to oblige.

"Chris does it. It's pretty short. We had a good laugh. I took it off, I tied it and then I think we did it two or three more times," Officer Dooley said.

So after lots of back and forth, the tie was finally the right length.

"Graduating from college is absolutely a big accomplishment. Just knowing I helped a little bit in his life, maybe will remember that graduation and tell stories forever and his family. Just great knowing we were part of that," Philadelphia Police Officer Christian Rodriguez explained.

The icing on the cake was when Mena sent the officers a picture of himself on graduation with his perfectly tied pink tie.

"He had an ear-to-ear grin, couldn't explain that smile. It just made my day," Officer Dooley said.