Philadelphia Police police officers help those affected by Hurricane Maria

A couple of Philadelphia police officers go above and beyond to make sure our city is safe and now they're doing the same thing all the way down in in Puerto Rico.

Officers George Soto and Eddie Lopez have been on the Philadelphia Police Department for 28 years. The two are dedicated to helping people not just here in the city of brotherly love, but in Puerto Rico where more than 7 months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and conditions are still horrible.

"My mother and father are from Puerto Rico. It was a must. We had to go down and help our people out," Philadelphia Police Officer Eddie Lopez said.

So on April 20, these two Philadelphia police officers joined a group of Latino firefighters from New Brunswick, New Jersey, on a mission of mercy. They flew to Puerto Rico to help pick up the pieces.

They raised more than $40,000 dollars collectively. The goal of the trip to help rebuild homes and restore hope for those still feeling the sting of the Category 4 storm that plowed across Puerto Rico--clocking winds of 155 miles per hour.

Officer Lopez documented the labor of love on his Spanish American Law Enforcement Facebook page.

Crew turning out to be miracle workers. They rebuilt 6 roofs in 6 days and worked 14 days in grueling conditions.

One of the most memorable moments was when heavy rain started to fall just as one woman finally had a roof over head again. The trip leaving an indelible mark on the officers.

If you wish to help the cause, please visit the PRAB, Inc. Facebook page.