Philadelphia rated as one of the "Least Sexy" cities in America

Bad news for singles - Philadelphia has been named one of the least sexy cities in America.

According to the website, they investigated the cities with the most rejected trip offers to make their final decision.

But fortunately, Philly didn't take the top honor - that went to Tampa, Florida.

"Tampa might be a travel hub but it's usually just a stop for tourists continuing to nearby cities or hopping on cruise ships to enjoy more tropical locations," Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of, said.

"Travel dating is about finding love in a new and exciting destination and there are much more romantic settings than Tampa."

According to the website, 96% of members rejected trips to Tampa.

Philly came in at number 10 with 77% of members declining trip offers.

The full list of "Least Sexy Cities in America":

1. Tampa, Florida: 96.42%

2. Detroit, Michigan: 93.75%

3. St. Paul, Minnesota: 93.33%

4. Charleston, South Carolina: 88.24%

5. West Palm Beach, Florida: 87.18%

6. Virginia Beach, Virginia: 86.67%

7. Brooklyn, New York: 82.22%

8. Phoenix, Arizona: 81.48%

9. Houston, Texas: 78.26%

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 77.78%