Philadelphia School District launches pilot program that teaches students different trades

The School District of Philadelphia is touting a new pilot program that teaches students different trades and puts them on the fast track to a full time apprenticeship. 

The Construction Trades Initiative is a four-month program that meets once a week and teaches students trade basics, financial literacy and professional development.

Roughly 40 students are currently enrolled in the program and will receive an OSHA certificate upon completion. From there, the students will be set up for a full time apprenticeship. 

"It’s an educational opportunity that will lead not only to a good job but it will lead to a career," Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke said.

The demand for trade jobs like concrete mason, electrician, plumber and carpenter have spiked ever since the coronavirus pandemic squeezed the American economy. 

"I don’t care if you’re male, female, I don’t care your race your gender your ethnicity or anything – if you want to work hard, you have a career here," Ryan Boyers from the Building Trades Council sad.

Tylisa Williams is a local trade apprentice and endorsed the program for giving Philadelphia's youth an opportunity to break in to a life chaning career. 

"The money is out here and y'all can make it, I'm telling y'all it's out here," Williams said.