Philadelphia Urban Youth Racing School holds annual Grand Prix

There are a lot of ways to drive a racing kart badly, which FOX 29’s Hank Flynn demonstrated for racing fans Friday. He just couldn’t get the apex of the hairpin right.

"You learn about apexes in geometry class, right? Kid says, ‘What am I going to use an apex for?’ Well, I got news for you. Apex is the center part of a turn. If you master your tune? Master your apex? You're probably going to be the fastest one out there on the track. That's how we equate the two together," stated Founder and Executive Director of Urban Youth Racing School Anthony Martin.

Anthony Martin and wife Michelle have been teaching STEM skills to city kids for years using their passion for racing as a platform. Graduates often get jobs in the racing world. But, the diversification work that the Martins have done with Cup Champion Kyle Larson and his foundation is where NASCAR president Steve Phelps wants to take the series.

"Well, this is an important thing for us, when you think about where NASCAR was and where we’re going. We’ve seen people that are younger and more diverse and that’s the journey that we’re on. And, you know the support of NASCAR and Chevy and all the different partners supporting Michelle and Anthony and the Urban Youth Racing School, it’s really important to us," Phelps said.

It was good fun, as Hank raced with NASCAR Most Popular Driver Chase Elliot, who sees new fans, and more. "Oh yeah, just supporting a good operation hear and an opportunity to get some new eyes on our sport," Elliot said. "And, you know, potentially, some new talent. So, yeah, we'll have a nice day and a great turnout and go from there."

Tyler Scott is less-known. The NASCAR Drive for Diversity driver has not reached The Cup, yet. But, he attacks the track methodically to learn it and get up to speed quickly. And, he's goal-oriented. "It's a really good program. They really care and push us to the next level. The dream is to be in the Cup Series one day, racing with guys like Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick and all of them."

The glorious Ms. Patty Jackson was there and Kenny Gamble was Grand Marshall. So, fun, yes, but more importantly, discussions about taking the Urban Youth Racing School's STEM curriculum to cities nationwide. The world has finally caught up with the Martins.