Philadelphia wraps holiday weekend as residents share holiday traditions

People all over the world are wrapping up a holy weekend. From Easter to Passover to Ramadan, there are different traditions to celebrate.

R&R Produce and Garden Center on Allegheny and Aramingo in Port Richmond had a steady stream of people trying to find flowers for the holiday.

"What are the popular things people are buying," asked FOX 29’s Monica Evans.

"Geraniums, hyacinths, the palm crosses, the grave markers and the crosses," Manager Dave Trautz answered.

Trautz says business is good and he’s selling lots of grave markers.

"They sell good," Trautz stated.

"Are they artificial or live plants," Evans inquired.

"Artificial. They have a little more longevity that way," Trautz replied. "They’re beautiful though."

"What’s your favorite?" Evans asked.

"It will be the hyacinths," Trautz answered. "They’re vibrant in color and very fragrant, too. You can smell them as soon as you walk in. You can be across the street and smell them. That’s how good they smell."

For many, flowers are a welcome treat. Sal Santana worked Sunday, but wanted to make sure he bought his girlfriend some flowers before he headed home.

"Basically, we’re just gonna make a little dinner for the two of us, hang out and maybe watch a movie," Santana said.

Donna Walski says she buys Easter flowers for her sister-in-law, grandparents and her aunt every year and then they get together and feast.

"Usually it’s kielbasa, there’s like a soup that she makes. Salads and things like that," Walski said. 

"Most people cook ham," Evans said.

"It’s an American tradition," Walski remarked.

Donna’s son, Andrew, said he was looking forward to dinner and seeing extended family, "I get to spend time with family, get to meet them, because we don’t see them that much throughout the year. It’s a time that we come together and celebrate."