Philadelphia Zoo needs help naming its three newest residents: The Ankole-Watusi cattle

The Philadelphia Zoo family has expanded yet again! 

Three Ankole-Watusi cattle have taken up residence on the zoo's African Plains. The so-called "Cattle of Kings" can grow horns up to 40 inches long!

Their names are typically based on coloration, according to the zoo. However, sometimes the cattle's personality comes into play.

Philadelphia Zoo welcomes three Ankole cattle.

This time Philadelphia Zoo is leaving the final decision up to the public with these name choices for each cattle:

Speckled brown and white Ankole cattle:

  • Ngabu - meaning "speckled white and brown"
  • Yamaani -meaning "energetic"

Dark brown Ankole cattle:

  • Gaaju - meaning "dark chocolate brown"
  • Kuburanganiza - meaning "curious"

Reddish brown Ankole cattle:

  • Mbaale - meaning "reddish-brown"
  • Kutekaana - meaning "calm"

You can vote for your favorite name on the Philadelphia Zoo website. Winners will be announced May 16.