Philadelphia's extended heatwave poses dangerous threat for some

The stifling heat was dangerous for long periods of time and most people just tried to stay out of it.

"Aw man, this weekend has been, like, scorching," Frankie Bickard said.

Bickard and his daughter stuck around until the Murphy Recreation Center Pool closed Sunday afternoon, savoring every last minute to stay cool. "I just love swimming so much," Athena Bickard stated.

"I wanted to stay in the air-conditioning, but she wanted to come swimming with her aunt and then her cousins," dad Alaziz Burkett said.


If not for that, Burkett said he wasn’t planning on leaving the house Sunday and, it appeared, most people felt that way.

One of the city’s four cooling bus locations at Broad and Snyder was quiet. There was one brave soul outdoor dining on East Passyunk Avenue.

Urban Jungle, a garden center, scheduled to stay open until 6 on Sunday closed their doors early, writing a sign "Don’t judge, it’s really hot."

Paris Watkins says his Sunday was business as usual, but with more breaks and hydration. "I gotta keep on trucking plenty of water ice, just gotta keep it moving," Watkins said.

"Trying to stay in the ac, when possible?" asked FOX 29’s Kelly Rule.

"I’m about to start it up right now," he replied.

The city’s cooling centers’ extended hours will now run through Monday.