World Series: Phillies fever brings out the creative and entrepreneurial spirit in Delco mom

There’s been a lot of cool World Series gear coming out of the Philadelphia Phillies run, with Philly fans showing their pride.

But, anyone wanting something truly unique may want to try Etsy. And, it’s been difficult for Etsy shops to keep up with demand.

"This is the one that started it all," Ellen Paskill said.

After making a few sweatshirts to represent her son’s football team, Ellen Paskill, of Aston, Delaware County, thought maybe she should make some Phillies gear, too.

With a World Series run, her hobby of making sweatshirts for family and friends turned into a business, accidentally and seemingly overnight with business booming as loudly as Citizens Bank Park after Schwarbomb!

"It’s just like kinda crazy for me to think about because I really thought, ‘If I make two of these, will I even sell two?’ And now, it’s like, I can’t even make enough!"

Ellen’s guest bedroom is now a cricut studio where she gets lost in time and material.

"At first, it was just, like, a couple orders and I was like, ‘Omg, can I do all this?’ And now, I’ll get like 10 messages a day and I’m like OMG!"

Ellen launched an Instagram page to help funnel the orders during the Phillies frenzy, which interested persons can find, here. She recently completed a bulk order for teachers at Delco’s Mount Hope Children’s Center.  But, when asked if she calls herself an entrepreneur, she laughed.

"I call myself a housewife who needed a hobby, so here we are!"

Having a local team in the World Series means big money, not only for the local economy, but anyone with a creative entrepreneurial spirit.

Dan Roccato, a finance professor at the University of San Diego says, "These championships unleash this great human potential for finding ways to make money. There are ways to take advantage of the Phillies’ success and that’s exactly what we are seeing throughout the Delaware Valley."

For now, Ellen is focusing on the fun of it all.